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My name is Barb and I am a life long reader and an author. I've spent years reading anything I could get my hands on! Since I read so much, I frequently have people ask me what I think about a certain book. Because of this, I've started this blog - so that I can share my opinions about the books I read. My blog is a discussion of books that I do like. There are simply too many books out there to force myself to read books I don't like! I tend to gravitate towards a glittery Regency Romance or a contemporary romance with a mostly naked, well-buffed young man on the front. (Sometimes I'm shallow) Please join me in a discussion of new books, old standards or simply the racy book that I found on the grocery store shelf!

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Untamable - Becca Dale Tough cowboys, rejected love, childhood friends, steamy sex scenes that sizzle the pages - this little story has it all! A quick little read for that cowboy fix!

Lily Swanson once thought herself in love with Thor Hanson, bronc rider extraordinaire! One day after an injury that puts him in the hospital, Thor, better known as Thunder, tells Lily to go away and she does. She takes her broken heart to Chicago and forms a new life for herself.

Now it’s eight years later and Lily is back for a visit to her best friend Mara, and to support a charity rodeo raising funds for a sick little girl. Thor is slated to ride in the bucking event, first time since the injury that left him with a permanent limp 8 years ago, and he’s riding Lightening - the same horse that injured him. As can be expected, Lily and Thor meet up and the whole small town is waiting to see what happens to them this time around!

I like this short sexy story. It has tough and sexy cowboys, buckle bunnies, unrequited love and rodeo in those sweltering days of August. Lily and Thor have a history that got interrupted in the middle and needs to have a finish put on it. The author does a great job, in not many pages, of outlining the history that binds all these characters together. She does an outstanding job of painting the scene at the rodeo with enough clarity that you can almost taste the dust! One tough cowboy works to find a way to keep his lifetime love from leaving him again.

Pick up this book to give you your cowboy fix. It’s a quick and sensual read!